General Offices/Warehouse
1040 South Vintage Ave. Suite A
Ontario, CA 91761
Tel - (909) 923-7426
Fax - (909) 923-4665

President Jesus Cardenas Sr.
Vice President Luz Cardenas
Vice President, Marketing Jesus Cardenas Jr.
Vice President, Operations Jose Cardenas
Vice President, Accounting Lupe Cardenas
Vice President, Information Services George Cardenas

Executive Office Personnel
Vice President, Retail Operations - Gilberto Sosa
Vice President, Purchasing - George Matics
Assistant Vice President, Purchasing/Produce Buyer - Alvaro Rosales
Director of Human Resources - Cecilia Solis
Director of Accounting - Jorge Patino
Meat/Seafood Buyer/Merchandiser - Miguel Espinoza
Meat/Seafood Buyer/Merchandiser - Gonzalo Castañeda
Meat/Seafood/Supervisor - Salvador Rivera
Pastry Buyer/Supervisor - Jose Sanchez
Bakery Buyer/Supervisor - Gustavo Cruz
Kitchen Buyer/Merchandise - Armando Real
Kitchen Buyer/Supervisor - Vincente Ferrer
Tortilleria/Supervisor - Agustin Rincon
HBC/Candy/Liquor Buyer - Laura Becerra
Deli/Beer Buyer - Silvia Quiroz
Logistics/Warehouse Director- Adrian Castañeda
Grocery Buyer - Carlos Solis
District Manager - Luis Langle
District Manager - Tony Sosa